Over 145 years and counting...


Over 145 years and counting...
Since 1879 Cuttings have been providing specialist services. There’s very little that we haven’t seen and done before, so you should feel safe in handing us the responsibility for your project.

We’ve worked on many of the UK’s premier construction projects and remain the first choice for a large number of the country’s top clients.

Lightning Protection

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Earthing Services

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Specialist Protection

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Surge Protection

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Maintenance Services

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Support Services


We have the specialist knowledge you require to resolve the technical problems raised on your projects. Professional advice is just a click away.
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Accredited designers are on hand to assist from concept to handover. Detailed knowledge of British Standards to provide the expert guidance you need.
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Qualified and competent installation engineers are ready to undertake the work required to complete your project to the highest quality assured standard.
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Email us: info@cuttings.co.uk
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