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We are creating a library of videos to let you know a bit more about us and to assist our clients and our own people with some key Builders Service activities.
Don’t understand how to do something?
Certain elements of a Lightning Protection System will often fall into ‘Builders Services’ and so we have created some videos to help you, our clients, to understand what is required.

Of course we employ Project Managers and Supervisors to explain or even demonstrate the requirements but if you have access to a QR code scanner and the internet then why not try viewing the video?
Off Site Exothermic Earthing Connectors
A short video to demonstrate how the exothermic earth connection welding process is controlled and undertaken at our premises.
Pile to column reinforcement connection
Video demonstrating the method of installing our free-issue materials for lightning protection connections between pile re-bars (the earth source) and column starter re-bars (the down conductor).
Substation Earthing installation.
An example of our work to install the Earthing systems to a set of substations, including slab re-bar and door/louvre bonding, marshalling earth bar and earth electrodes.
Introduction to Cuttings
Watch our brief video to see more of what we do and some of the amazing buildings that we’ve been lucky enough to work on.

Document Library

Useful documents and downloads to help and inform.
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